What's new in Drupal World? Week #24

This is a followup to my last week's blog post, where I bring to you the latest news in Drupal world:

New 404 and 403 handling

In one of the latest drupal core patches drupal_not_found() and drupal_access_denied() were replaced with symfony exceptions http://drupal.org/node/1616360
Follow @Drupal8changes for this kind of updates.

Install Apache Solr on Mac OS X

A short blog post on how to install Solr on Mac, very useful! http://ramlev.dk/blog/2012/06/02/install-apache-solr-on-your-mac/

Yet another drupal showcase

Well, it's always good to advertise http://www.withdrupal.com/

Drupal 8 at Symphony Live

This is the big news of this week, @Crell went giving a presentation at Symphony Live on the state of Drupal 8 core and Symphony. As a reminder, D8 will use (for now) 6 components of Symphony:

  • HttpFoundation
  • HttpKernel
  • EventDispatcher
  • ClassLoader
  • DependencyInjection
  • Yaml

http://garfieldtech.com/presentations/sfl2012-drupal8/index.html http://lockerz.com/s/215044232

The Drupal Association Store

The Drupal Association opened a section on their site to sell some T-Shirt, more is expected though. It is currently built with Ubercart, and will likely be rewritten with Commerce in the D7 version of drupal.org https://association.drupal.org/store

Views in Drupal Core, the tour

If you missed it, two weeks ago, Earl Miles announced that D8 will ship with Views in core in his blog post, now that he raised some money to work on it with few others, it is time to plan trips to multiple drupal event and code sprints! http://www.angrydonuts.com/chaos-world-tour-12

For more info, Earl gave 2 interviews as podcasts: http://www.lullabot.com/podcasts/podcast-103-views-core and http://modulesunraveled.com/podcast/023-earl-miles-and-getting-views-in-...

D7 has now has full Entity language support

Another change in Drupal core, but this one has been backported to Drupal 7, read more at http://groups.drupal.org/node/236548